Apostle Carlos Lamar

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A Word From Apostle Carlos


“Truly the signs of an apostle were done among you in all patience, in signs, in wonders, and in mighty deeds”. 2 Corinthians 12:12

Apostle Carlos Lamar Sr. is a native of Hopkinsville, Ky and has been called out and sent to Nations by God. In 1990 at the age of 18 years old, Apostle Lamar had a divine encounter from the Holy Spirit and was touched by God’s Shekinah Glory. By 1991 he submitted to the call of the Holy Spirit and joined “The Church of Jesus” located in Hopkinsville, Ky.

The process of being developed into the humble and wise Apostle that he is today did not come without fear and reluctance. He ran for years from his call, but no matter where he ran, God continue to send his anointed messengers to prophecy to him saying “…You Will Do Great, and Mighty Works for the Kingdom of God”. By 1997 out of obedience, Apostle Lamar stopped his running and surrendered to Gods perfect will. Lead by the Holy Spirit he became diligent in the study of Gods Holy Word.

In 1998 he accepted an invited from Rev. Jessie Brown Senior Pastor of the St. John Baptist Church where he preaches his initial sermon.

In 1999 the late Bishop M.A. Hunt from Indianapolis, IN, was visited by the Holy spirit on behalf of Apostle Carlos Lamar. He was led to instructed Bishop R.A. Smith, Senior Pastor of “The Church of Jesus” to administer the laying on of hands and to release him into the Gospel Ministry of Jesus Christ.

Apostle Lamar immediately submitted to the releasing of God and begin to serve faithfully as an associate minister under the leadership of Pastor Holland of “The Church of the Living God” located inCaskey Ky.

He continued to serve with loyalty and diligence as assistant pastor and the youth pastor of New Covenant of Grace Ministries. He patiently sought the Lord for clarity concerning his call as a prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist.  It was during this season that God would release the full blueprint from to Apostle for “Refuge of Hope in Christ”.  At the appointed time, upon hearing the audible voice of God which identified him by his new Kingdom name, Apostle, (Ap-Stellos) meaning “I sent you” in 2001 God released him to lay the foundation of this great ministry.

Today he continues to oversee Refuge of Hope in Christ by leading the lost to salvation for the enlargement of Gods Kingdom and through the power of the Holy Ghost not only has he been anointed to cast out of demons, destroy mental, emotional, physical and spiritual strongholds but he also equips his sons and daughters of the ministry on how to effective be delivered and stay delivered.

In 2010 while preaching at a conference the Apostolic mantle was publicly revealed over his life by two of Gods Anointed Prophets. Still reluctant to fully embrace his calling while attending a church service in Chicago, IL, God once again pour out his spirit over Apostle Raphael Robinson to confirm Apostle Lamar’s call and after the third confirmation of this God assigned appointment over his life by Apostle Rick Daniels, of Milwaukee WI Apostle Lamar publicly embrace the Apostolic Mantle. 

Shortly after He continue to be used by God when he accepted the call and the appointment of Senior Pastor of the Center Street Baptist Church located in Owensboro, Ky. Standing on the word of God he pursued his Bachelor’s Degree of Theology, AMI in San Diego, CA.

 “…to study to Show thy self-approve that we might rightly divide the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Apostle Lamar has been honored by God to serve as the Regional Overseer of Kingdom destiny Fellowship covering 6 states which included 120 Pastor. With great humility he has been given the responsibility of ordaining many of Gods anointed Men into their God appointed call as Bishops and Pastors

As the leader and covering of both Refuge of Hope in Christ and Center Street Baptist Church Godhas truly blessed the church to grow in leaps and bounds. Lead by or Apostle the church has formed strong and strategic partnership which has been successful in alleviating violence and drugs within our poverty-stricken communities. Partnerships with the Jefferson County Public School District, where he teaches an impowering workshop for both students and teachers on how to effectively address anger management within the class room. The Correctional Institutes of Kentucky and Tennessee where his prison ministry called “Made Man” equips ex-convicts and their sons on how a to live an effective Kingdom life while breaking the generational cycle of incarceration”

He is an anointed author of two Kingdom books, “Woman be Mad Whole” and an amazing children book “Cellustrious Combat”.

Apostle Carlos Lamar is also known for his Kingdom swag with his recently launched clothing line called “Authentically Anointed”. And in 2021 we wait with great anticipation for the launching of “Connected In the Cave Prophetic Bible College” where Apostle Lamar will be releasing his powerful revelational teaching of God’s word to all nation. 

He is the loved son of Shirley Lamar and the Late Rollie Lamar Sr. The favored husband of his beautiful wife Lady Rhonda Lamar. The blessed father of six beautiful children and the wise grandfather of 16 beuatiful grandchildren.

Apostle Carlos Lamar is called, sent appointed and favored by God!